Stage 1 – Online Appraisal

If, following a review of the Scottish Investment Fund investment criteria, you believe that your organisation is eligible to apply to the fund, please provide us with your name, your contact details, a sentence about your project and the level of funding required. Please submit this information via email. Applicants will be required to submit a business plan.

Stage 2 – Approval

For those applicants being taken forward to the approval stage, the Investment Manager will prepare a detailed Report and Recommendation for submission to the SIF Investment Panel. The decision of the Investment Panel will be notified to the applicant and confirmed formally in writing.

If the applicant receives investment panel approval the SIF Investment Manager will provide a Schedule of Outline Terms and Conditions setting out the proposed structure of the investment package.

Stage 3 – Legal Completion

Where an Investment Application has been approved a formal offer letter detailing the agreed terms and conditions of the investment will be produced for signature by the applicant(s). The SIF Investment Manager will monitor the completion of all conditions, including the completion of any security, set out in the formal offer letter. Where security is involved the Investment Manager will instruct the solicitors acting on behalf of the Scottish Investment Fund to progress matters with the applicant’s solicitors.

Note: Funds will only be released on completion of all conditions detailed in the formal offer letter.

Stage 4 – Post Investment Monitoring

The SIF Investment team will maintain regular contact with the Investee following drawdown of the investment to monitor progress towards the attainment of the agreed social outcomes and continuing compliance with the undertakings agreed to under the terms of the offer letter.